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About Champions Montessori

Champions Montessori School is locally owned and operated. Our objective is to cultivate the active minds of our students and allow them to discover their own strengths and talents. We strive to empower them to love and respect others.

We have over 25 years experience in Montessori teaching. Our teachers hold a 2- year Montessori certification. They offer positive guidance in spacious classrooms and strive to foster a love of learning in our students.

Our curriculum is based on the academic and social needs of each child. This means your child will receive an individualized academic education. Each child is able to move at his/her own pace. The sky's the limit! Montessori materials are referred to as "work."

The work in our classrooms are all hands-on, concrete materials. The work is kept on the shelves so the children can access it easily and return it when complete. Although there are many pieces of work on our shelves, the child chooses the work after a group lesson has been given by the teacher. This ensures that the child is choosing work that is appropriate for their developmental level. The shelves in our classrooms are divided into different content areas: Language, Math, Sensorial, Cultural, Practical Life and Writing.

The Language Shelf contains reading readiness work, phonological awareness work, letter identification work, beginning sounds work, spelling and reading.

The Math Shelf is made up of pre-math skills, number identification, making sets, place value, decimal system, addition, subtraction, money and fractions.

The Culture Shelf (science and social studies) begins with learning about our bodies, the animal and plant kingdoms, our earth, our galaxy, time, physical science, historical events and people.

The Sensorial Shelf is where children train their senses to have visual, auditory, tactile and spatial awareness. Sensorial work includes understanding size and size order, two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes and geometry.

The Practical Life Shelf is where children practice care of self, care of our environment, grace and courtesy and everyday living skills that allow children to be self-sufficient. Practical life lessons include sweeping, spooning, tweezing, pouring, sewing, dressing frames, cutting, gluing and perforating. Practical Life work emphasizes developing fine motor skills.

The Writing Shelf is where children first practice pencil grip and three-finger grasp. As their language and writing skills develop, children will practice writing sounds, words and sentences.